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Tooth extraction

There are cases when diseases of the oral cavity lead to tooth extraction. As a rule, the main reason for the need for such an operation is the neglect and progression of simple diseases, which over time lead to various chronic problems. Previously, dentists performed such an operation regularly. Today, modern medical protocols and capabilities allow you to do this only when absolutely necessary and in difficult situations.

Our Center for Practical Dentistry, whose clinics are located in Ivano-Frankivsk and Mezhgorye, work according to modern techniques and innovative technologies. Doctors approach individually and responsibly for each case, trying to preserve the tooth as much as possible, not to remove it. We offer modern methods of recovery and treatment.

The need for tooth extraction

There are medical indications for compulsory extraction of teeth divided into two categories: urgent and planned. The need for urgent intervention, as a rule, arises in acute inflammatory purulent processes that extend to the jaw bone. It is also unbearably painful, impossible to treat conservatively and the tooth lacks functional value.

The tooth is also removed in a planned individual situation determined by the dentist. The main indications for this are:

  • Persistent caries, in which a large part of the tooth is affected, there is a risk of infection spreading throughout the oral cavity;
  • Significant tooth mobility (periodontitis of the fourth stage) when treatment is not effective;
  • The implementation of orthodontic treatment;
  • Significant tooth decay (left root particles, fragments);
  • Incorrect eruption and growth of a wisdom tooth, a change in bite, facial symmetry.

Extraction of wisdom teeth and recommendations of dentists

Often wisdom teeth (eights) are problematic, due to insufficient space in the jaw, they erupt incorrectly and have no physiological location. They can grow with an inclination, injuring the mucous surface of the cheek. Due to the complications of hygienic cleaning, eights can be destroyed by caries or other diseases. Teeth with complex pathologies are most often removed.

Since eights have a complex structure of the root system, their elimination will be lengthy and difficult. The complexity of the process is affected by the location (lower or upper jaw), the degree of complexity of root formation. Often, to provide access to the tooth surgery is clear. After the tooth is removed, the dentist surgeon sutures the resulting hole.

The doctors of our dental center in the cities of Ivano-Frankivsk and Mizhhiria recommend that, after removing the eights, depending on the complexity of the process, observe the following points:

  • Refrain from eating for the first hour. Do not eat spicy and sour foods, hot dishes and drinks for several days.
  • The first ten days, postpone sports and any strong physical exertion. Recommend not to visit the pool, saunas, solarium, or spend time in the sun.
  • It is important to observe oral hygiene. This will contribute to the rapid and proper healing of the wound. The first day, don’t rinse the mouth, and the following day, it is necessary to do antiseptic oral baths. In the area of ​​intervention, brush your teeth with a soft bristle brush.
  • Depending on the complexity of tooth extraction, the dentist will prescribe a drug course. Please use according to the instructions.
  • If stitches are removed during removal, then about a week later the dentist-surgeon will make a routine examination with removal of stitches.

Our Center for Practical Dentistry guarantees an individual approach to every situation and, if possible, preserve the teeth. Our doctors always fight to the last for each tooth, using modern treatment methods and equipment, and carry out the removal procedure only as a last resort. We care about your comfort and pain-free treatment, maintaining the health and aesthetics of your teeth.

Removal of a tooth550-970 UAH
Wisdom tooth extraction940-2640 UAH


“Professionals work”

O. Ostapenko

Was at the reception, was examined and treated. Good service, treatment, staff attitude, quality equipment. It feels like professionals are working. I will advise this center to a friend.

«Happy New Year and upcoming Christmas holidays»

From the lifeguard Igor Biskup

I sincerely congratulate the whole team of the Clinic "Center for Practical Dentistry" on the New Year and the coming Christmas holidays! Peace and harmony in your families, new beginnings in 2016, good mood, happiness, love and prosperity and let everything you think and dreams come true.

«Survey on very modern equipment»

Hoida O.

Examination and treatment in dentistry. I really liked everything. Very modern equipment, staff and doctors are serviced at a highly professional level. Good luck.

«Wish you to always progress, and heath for all!»

Iryna from California

It was a great pleasure to be a patient in such beautiful clinic. You have very comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, which makes you want to come back. All doctors and personnel are extremely friendly. Thank you very much for such wonderful experience. I advise everyone to visit this professional and upscale dentistry. Wish you to always progress, and heath for all!

«The level of service and patient attention is extremely high»

Yurii Andriiovych

I first visited the Dental Practice Center a week ago because it was related to a non-healing operation. Thanks to the staff of the Center everything went easy and painless, the level of services and attention to the patient is extremely high. I would like to wish the Center to continue to do so. And if necessary - to come more. With best regards.

«Pleasantly amazed by modern treatment technology»

Atamanchuk O.S.

Quite by accident, I got into this institution to put a seal. I was just pleasantly shocked by the professional approach to the process. Pleasantly striking modern treatment methodology. Many thanks to Dr. Oleg Gavinsky for his sensitivity, hard work and professionalism. It can be seen that the man is in his place and loves his robot very much. Also many thanks to all the staff for their attentiveness, courtesy and understanding.

«We will bring out even less son later»

Kuliak A.H.

We go to Oksana, very satisfied (especially the baby). Good treatment, good attitude to the child. Oksana Sergeevna is a wonderful specialist, a very nice doctor, I want to come again. We are very pleased, we will go to Oksana Sergiyivna and we will bring an even smaller son later. I will recommend the Center for Practical Dentistry to everyone.

«Thank you very much for your good relations and quality work»

Kulyk S.Y.

Dear doctors of the clinic "Center of Practical Dentistry" sincerely thank you good relations and quality work. To make your work satisfactory for clients. May you be happy.

«Thank you very much for your professional approach»

family Khodak

Thank you very much for your professional approach, caring attitude, healthy and happy smile. Prosperity to YOU!

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