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History of Dentistry

A sincere smile is the best greeting and a symbol of goodwill. It depends primarily on the health of the teeth and oral cavity. Our Center for Practical Dentistry will take care of your smile and dental health by offering effective treatment and highly qualified service. Our first clinic was founded in 2008 in Zakarpathia, the city of Mizhhirya. Since then, we have been constantly evolving and improving. By 2016, the work of a new clinic in Ivano-Frankivsk began. Our experts closely follow the latest technology in the world of dentistry on improving the aesthetic appearance of teeth in order to give you the most value – a sincere smile!

Teamwork professionals

For a better understanding and solution to your problems, focused specialists work in our clinic, each of whom is a professional in his field. This approach makes it possible to study the problem in as much detail as possible, considering it from different angles. Continuous professional development of specialists, the study of new products and the use of innovative technologies are the key to providing quality services to you. The latest technology and treatment methods make visiting the dental clinic pleasant, effective and painless.

Our Center for Practical Dentistry provides all types of dental treatments and services:

  • Professional hygiene. Each person should undergo cleaning 2 times a year starting from the first tooth cut.
  •  Children’s dentistry. The first visits to the dentist are very important. That is why we provide a pleasant atmosphere and a gentle attitude towards children, guaranteeing a painless treatment.
  • Orthodontics. Prevention, correction and overbite correction, which can occur in various ways. This method may be selected individually.
  •  Implantology. Installation of implants in cases where one or more teeth are missing.
  •  Surgery. Some problems cannot be resolved without surgery. Many years of professional experience guarantee safety and a professional approach to each patient.
  •  Therapeutic. Treatment of dental decay and root canals using a dental surgical microscope.
  •  Orthopedic dentistry. Fully functional and aesthetic restoration of functions and aesthetics of a tooth or implant – removable and non-removable prosthetics, crowns, overlays, veneers.

With us you can not only treat, but also undergo disease prevention. Regularly observing the condition of the oral cavity, it is possible to identify possible problems early and get rid of them in the initial stages of tooth damage. The doctors at our center approach the treatment comprehensively, taking into account not only the detected problem, but also the possible causes of its occurrence. The treatment plan is drawn up individually for each patient, because every case has its own characteristics and needs.

Our latest equipment makes it possible for our trained professionals to find faster diagnosis for our patients. Our technologies comply with all norms and requirements. The instruments undergo several-step disinfection before each new patient. We also systematically update our technical support with the introduction of new technologies and tools.

Our job is to make you happy

In addition to the practical side of the work, we also take care of the moral aspect. Therefore the cordiality of the staff and friendly communication are first and foremost upon receiving our clients. Zakarpathia and Ivano-Frankivsk already today are greeted with happy and healthy smiles. The main goal of the Center for Practical Dentistry is to improve your standard of living, using all the possibilities of modern dentistry, new technologies and advice given by qualified professionals. Your health is the best indicator of the work, responsibility and professional level of our center’s employees. We care about your smiles!


“Professionals work”

O. Ostapenko

Was at the reception, was examined and treated. Good service, treatment, staff attitude, quality equipment. It feels like professionals are working. I will advise this center to a friend.

«Happy New Year and upcoming Christmas holidays»

From the lifeguard Igor Biskup

I sincerely congratulate the whole team of the Clinic "Center for Practical Dentistry" on the New Year and the coming Christmas holidays! Peace and harmony in your families, new beginnings in 2016, good mood, happiness, love and prosperity and let everything you think and dreams come true.

«Survey on very modern equipment»

Hoida O.

Examination and treatment in dentistry. I really liked everything. Very modern equipment, staff and doctors are serviced at a highly professional level. Good luck.

«Wish you to always progress, and heath for all!»

Iryna from California

It was a great pleasure to be a patient in such beautiful clinic. You have very comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, which makes you want to come back. All doctors and personnel are extremely friendly. Thank you very much for such wonderful experience. I advise everyone to visit this professional and upscale dentistry. Wish you to always progress, and heath for all!

«The level of service and patient attention is extremely high»

Yurii Andriiovych

I first visited the Dental Practice Center a week ago because it was related to a non-healing operation. Thanks to the staff of the Center everything went easy and painless, the level of services and attention to the patient is extremely high. I would like to wish the Center to continue to do so. And if necessary - to come more. With best regards.

«Pleasantly amazed by modern treatment technology»

Atamanchuk O.S.

Quite by accident, I got into this institution to put a seal. I was just pleasantly shocked by the professional approach to the process. Pleasantly striking modern treatment methodology. Many thanks to Dr. Oleg Gavinsky for his sensitivity, hard work and professionalism. It can be seen that the man is in his place and loves his robot very much. Also many thanks to all the staff for their attentiveness, courtesy and understanding.

«We will bring out even less son later»

Kuliak A.H.

We go to Oksana, very satisfied (especially the baby). Good treatment, good attitude to the child. Oksana Sergeevna is a wonderful specialist, a very nice doctor, I want to come again. We are very pleased, we will go to Oksana Sergiyivna and we will bring an even smaller son later. I will recommend the Center for Practical Dentistry to everyone.

«Thank you very much for your good relations and quality work»

Kulyk S.Y.

Dear doctors of the clinic "Center of Practical Dentistry" sincerely thank you good relations and quality work. To make your work satisfactory for clients. May you be happy.

«Thank you very much for your professional approach»

family Khodak

Thank you very much for your professional approach, caring attitude, healthy and happy smile. Prosperity to YOU!

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